Workshops for Pandemic-Fatigued Employees

Face it, work-life in the current 24/7 online world is taking a toll. A big toll. We are all trying to cope, but most of us are feeling:

  • Burned-out from web conferencing
  • Powerless
  • Ineffective
  • Unable to influence 
  • Disconnected

It’s time to restore your energy and power so you can thrive in the new normal.

Most Popular TalkShop Workshops

Collaborative Experiences that get Results

Delivering Online Presentations With Impact

Why attend: Learn techniques and skills to engage your online audience to change the way they think and behave.

Who should attend: Any employee who needs to present online, to other employees, managers, executives, customers, partners or prospects.

This interactive workshop includes:

  • How to write and structure online presentations
  • Engagement techniques
  • Use of slides and visual materials 
  • Preparation and followup

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Prepare for an online presentation
  • Engage so the audience listens until the end
  • Create visual materials that enhances engagement
  • Use presentations techniques to more effectively get their jobs done

Managing and Influencing Across Your Organization

Why attend: Learn, practice skills and techniques to achieve your goals with in-office and online teammates.

Who should attend: Employees who need the help of others who are not necessarily working in the same office.

This interactive workshop includes:

  • Learning and practicing online influencing skills
  • Creating a stakeholder plan
  • Developing inquiry and advocacy skills
  • Understanding personal and company communication channels and how to effectively use them

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Create a stakeholder plan
  • Put into practice the skills of inquiry and advocacy to influence
  • Use a variety of techniques to influence up, down and across your organization in a virtual office environment

Power: How to Get It and Use It to Do Good

Why attend: Learn how to use power to achieve good things for yourself and your company.

Who should attend: Any employee who wants to learn how to use power to get the results they want.

This interactive workshop includes:

  • Understanding what power is
  • Learning who in your company is powerful and why
  • Discovering the power tools and how you can use them
  • Exploring what your personal brand is and how it can help increase your power.
  • Developing a personal power plan.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Use skills that increase your power and influence
  • Put power tools and techniques into practice 
  • Create a power plan that includes your strengths and goals 
  • Become more confident in using power to do good

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  • How to Lead so People Want to Follow
  • How to Run Meetings Attendees Love
  • Create and Use your Personal Brand to Stand Out
  • Crafting Your Vision, Mission and Values to Galvanize your Organization

How TalkShop Workshops Work

Online Workshops to Create  Better Team Engagement

TalkShops WorkShop are:

  • 2-Hour online, interactive experiences
  • Led by a TalkShop facilitator
  • Highly interactive with minimal slide-ware
  • Audience participation is expected
  • Team break-out sessions get smaller groups talking
  • Online polls garner immediate feedback and discussion
  • Participants share experiences and needs in a safe environment
  • Workshops conclude with a participant action plan

Meet June, our

June Bower

June Bower is the Talker-in-Chief at TalkShop Workshops, although she considers herself more of a listener than a talker.

June has spent the majority of her career in marketing, starting in Apple’s early days, where she worked with Steve Jobs and the rest of the 300 person company. 

From Apple, she went on to VP and CMO jobs at Adobe, Alcatel, Cisco, Webex and others. She got the entrepreneurial bug when she worked for Lightspeed Ventures, where she was the marketing partner helping their portfolio companies with their marketing efforts

At TalkShop, June helps deliver team building that is fun and builds skills, understanding, and a common language.

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