TalkShop Workshops

Workshops designed to bring remote, distributed employees and teams together

Online Team Focused

TalkShop is designed for the unique requirements of remote and distributed teams who primarily interact with each other online.

Real-World Facilitators

Workshops are led by doers, leaders with extensive backgrounds in marketing, education and corporate management.

Everyone Participates

Participants learn by doing; workshops are engaging, stimulating, highly interactive and fun.

Team Building Exercises

Attendees learn from each other via collaborative exercises, break-out sessions and workshop interactions.

Attendees Talk Shop

No lectures; our facilitators get audiences active and engaged right away.

No Slideware!

Minimal use of slides, only when advantageous to the discussions and exercises.

Stimulating, Varied Formats

Extensive use of break-out sessions, audience polling, and lightning-round ideation.

Follow-up Plans for Success

Every participant leaves with a personal action plan based on the workshop experience.

TalkShop Workshops at a Glance

Delivering Online Presentations with Impact

Why It’s Worth Attending

In this workshop, groups will learn how to create presentations that engage audiences and keep them listening to the end. We will cover some powerful tools and techniques for creating and presenting compelling, engaging online presentations.

Through a series of team exercises, we will cover how to:

  • Prepare 
  • Engage
  • Create visual material
  • Use persuasive online techniques
  • Ask questions
  • Keep group conversations focused


Everyone has the chance to learn and participate. Each participant will leave with a personal plan to improve their online presentation skills.

Managing and Influencing Remotely

Why It’s Worth Attending

Groups will learn influencing skills and strategies that can be used throughout the organization in a distributed work environment. Attendees will learn and practice some of these skills and techniques during the workshop. Everyone will leave with a personal stakeholder plan that can serve as the foundation for their influencing strategy.

Through a series of team exercises, attendees will learn:

  • How to use influencing skills such as inquiry and advocacy
  • 5 key techniques to influence up, down and across the organization 
  • Best approaches based on seniority level and importance to you and your projects

Everyone will have the opportunity to participate, and each attendee will leave with a stakeholder plan that will serve as a roadmap to achieve results.

Create and Use Your Personal Brand

Why It’s Worth Attending

Personal branding is key to driving powerful business relationships and careers.  You have a personal brand, whether you manage it or not.  

In this workshop, attendees will take hold of their personal brands by understanding what they stand for today, how they can enhance their brand and use it purposefully to strengthen relationships with co-workers, customers and others. We will explore defining your personal brand and ways to communicate it to grow your value and influence.

Through a series of team exercises, we will investigate:

  • Why your personal brand is important and how it can help you build relationships within your company and with customers, partners, and your industry
  • Your competitive advantage 
  • How to craft your brand and feature your advantage
  • How you communicate your brand to enhance your visibility and business relationships

Vision, Mission and Values

Why It’s Worth Attending

Establish Vision, Mission and Values to help guide the company, attract new employees and inspire customers and prospects

Attendees will gain an understanding of:

  • What are Vision, Mission and Values, how are they different and why are they important
  • Examples of successful and less successful Vision, Mission, and Values
  • What is their company doing to make their Vision a reality
  • How does their company want to change the future
  • What are the unwritten rules their company uses to make decisions and how are  employees, customers and partners treated

Power: How to Get It and Use It for Good

Why It’s Worth Attending

Everyone has power, and this workshop helps employees to learn how to use power to achieve good things for themselves and your company.

Attendees will:

  • Learn about and understand what power is
  • Learn who in your company is powerful and why
  • Discover the power tools and how you can use them
  • Explore what your personal brand is and how it can help increase your power
  • Developing a personal power plan
  • Become more confident in using power to do good

TalkShop workshops engage your employees to learn new skills, improve remote communications and strengthen online teamwork. Conducted via video or in-person (as conditions permit), workshops are engaging and highly interactive.

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